Kebbi State
These are just sample pages. The actual Kebbi State site will be coming up soon. 


Fellow Kebbians! is dedicated to the development of Kebbi State. We will, working as a team, make Kebbi State greater. Please check back regularly for updates. We hope to help raise political awareness of what it means to be a Kebbian. After all, we are all in this together, for life. Together, we can ensure better odds for future generations of Kebbians!.We can also be reached at WEBMASTER@KEBBISTATE.COM. Equally, you can inform your computer literate friends and associates to check the Website regularly and email us their names and phone numbers, as we embark on a project to compile names, phone numbers and emails addresses of ALL our indigenes, who are passionately and actively working for Kebbi State's development. is for ALL Kebbians. Potential candidates are INVITED to feel free to submit their inputs to the for display on the Site:

Please write/inform us of others; we will include ANY SERIOUS contender too.

If you ignore this unique opportunity, PLEASE blame yourself.

We pledge to be FAIR AND BALANCED on our presentation of the content sent to us. We give you this opportunity, but we can't force you to use/take advantage of it. We can bring a horse to the river, but we can't force it to drink the water. is created to be POTENTIALLY a one-stop-shopping-mall for EVERYTHING KEBBI, so don't be left out, your content will be displayed unedited. Just be civil in your write-up. Your point of view should be based on ideas and not personality. Competition brings the best out of all of us. It is always a win-win situation for all.

For now, stay with us, as more EXCITING STUFF is coming your way.

Long live Kebbi State!  

To the good people of the great State of Kebbi: Come out in mass to elect people of integrity, comes March 28th and April 11th, 2015.

April 11, 2015: Barrister (Gen.) S.Y. Bello is the man of the moment, for Kebbi State; don't waste your votes on persons of dubious character and incompetence.


Integrity, Hard work, Compassion .

[A new day has come; with Sarkin Yaki Bello, an accomplished professional, a patriotic statesman, and a visionary/transformational leader. Nagari na kowa!]

Do you know?

Who gave the highest donation of 8.5 Million Naira at the FIRST EVER Kebbi State Development Appeal Fund?

In February 2009, which special event took place in Kebbi to put Birnin-Kebbi town in festive mood, like at no other time in recent memory?
A puzzle: A sport enthusiast since primary school, played several games ending as a games' captain in Nagari College,  became NDA's outstanding cadet, had distinguished military career, served in UN peace keeping mission in Yugoslavia, became a Director of Military Operations for officers deployed to foreign missions, coordinated and supervised very sensitive military operations in Nigeria, and though he is of international standard, he hails from our great State of Kebbi. Who may that beacon of positive achievements be?
Which Kebbi State indigene was conferred with the national honor of OON in 2011, strictly based on his patriotic/professional conduct?

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